Why We March

We asked some of the participants in the Women's March on Denver to share why they will be marching on January 21, 2017. These are some of our favorite responses. What is your reason for marching? Comment below. 

Julie J. For those who may be left behind, pushed aside, left voiceless and powerless in our new reality - I want to try to represent those who can't represent themselves.

Judy G. I am marching for Shirley Chisholm and Susan B, Anthony and Sojourner Truth and Jeannette Rankin and Rebecca Latimer Felton and Abigail Adams and Grace Lee Boggs and Lucy Stone and all the other women from our past who would have joined this march. I am marching for (and with) my mother and daughter so that the efforts of the women who have come before us to work for equality are not lost in our lifetime.

Dawn B. I am marching for my now grown daughters that have only heard my stories of growing up in the sixties and seventies. I am marching for all of my sisters that lost their lives or were injured in the past from back alley abortions and accepted abuse; for those sisters in present time that must have their lives / choices protected. For young men who must continue to see women as strong, capable and equal. For my elders that fought the good fight before me.

Lisa B. I'm marching because I have an awesome tutu I've been dying to wear!!

Pam H. I am marching for my country, for anyone who has been bullied, for lovers of freedom, and in memory of my mother, born in the year women won the right to vote.

Irene A. Immigrants

Fred A. The time to be united has come, we have let others divide us and onward we march together. For my ten sisters, wife and daughter,,,

Christina H. I will march because we have worked so hard for equality, for all, in our country and feel this election and the next four years will put us back 50 years and that is unacceptable.

Mona T. I march to make the statement that I will not be silent. I will not stand down to bigotry and misogyny. I will stand up for my fellow human beings.

Diane R. I am marching to proclaim to the world I will not be silent about social injustice to any group. I am marching because it is my duty as a woman, a mother, and a grandmother to let them know we are still here. I am marching so they hear a collective voice of dissent.

Robin W. My unborn niece and anyone that has ever felt invisible.

Peggy G. I'm marching for every child that's been bullied and every woman who's survived sexual assault, and all of the women brutally murdered by an unhappy spouse/partner/boyfriend.

Victoria J. I will march for my grandchildren. And for all those who need some hope in their lives. #Iwillmarch

Ashley K. I'm marching for the preservation of kindness

Jennifer A. My Muslim neighbors, my friends of color, the white-washed yoga community I work in (I say it with love, I love my community and I want them to be more colorful!), and my best friend from back home.

Pat M. I am marching for my two daughters, my three beautiful granddaughters and for the men and women who love them.

Jenn K. I'm marching for my daughter who told me she didn't want to be a girl anymore because the new president hates girls.

Lori H. I am marching for the future of our country.

Elizabeth H. I'll be marching to show my daughter that she deserves to grow up in a country ruled by love and compassion for our fellow humans, no matter color, creed, or orientation, and the world we all live in together.

Sheryl G. I am marching for my daughters, my granddaughters my sisters, my mom, my husband and my dad. They all have played a crucial role in making me the woman I am. But most importantly I am marching for my best friend I almost lost to a back alley abortion in 1972. The memories of that night will never go away.

Cat H. I'm marching for my son. I want him to have an egalitarian marriage like I have, be it with a woman or a man. I'm marching for my strong, beautiful, smart, hilarious nieces. I want them to be who they are and never apologize for it.

Julianne M. I am marching for my son. I am marching for all the girls out there so they know that we do care more about them than "him". I am marching for the America that I believe in. I am marching for anyone that can't. I am marching because my soul knows it's the right thing to do!

Resonate R. I am marching for a new paradigm... for our culture to embrace the balance of the divine feminine and masculine. This patriarchy/disconnection from the heart needs a massive shake up and we can do this with our collective consciousness.

Why are you marching? Comment below!