Moving Forward

The question keeps coming up - What's going to happen after the march? 
    Many of those involved as organizers and marchers are working on creating a solid community of people who are willing to stand up and work vigilantly for the protection and expansion of human rights. Our vision for the future of our movement is blurry...but we do have a vision. 
    We will be focusing on connecting people with the organizations and opportunities that allow them to be a force for change in areas that are important to them while also mobilizing everyday folks to take part in the legislative process in ways that further our cause of social justice and human rights. 
    How this will manifest is highly dependent on the people who decide to let their voice be heard beyond January 21st.  Right now we are focused on the march and rally, BUT we are connecting with one another on social media through our group that we established in an effort to maintain the phenomenal positive and determinded energy that has arose out of the marches.
    If you are interested in being a part of our movement going forward, please email us at, with MOVING FORWARD in the subject line.