Volunteer / Donate

Putting on an event such as this is costly and to this end we have created an account to which you can donate to help us cover any of the costs we incur (flyers, volunteer coordination, buttons, port-o-potties, etc). 

Signed up already to volunteer? Click HERE!
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Click HERE to see how funds are being spent. 

Other ways to help...
Prior to the Event
Please continue to help us spread the word about this event and what it means for people worldwide. While social media is great, we hope you will also be talking to people and coordinating with your community to participate in this very important march. Hanging flyers is also another way you can help us spread the word. Click HERE for a printable flyer!

Day of the Event
The day of the march and rally is sure to be filled with excitement! Undoubtedly we will need all the help we can get. Please click HERE to sign up for the various volunteer opportunities. 

Click HERE for Carpools and Housing Shares!

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