Community Networking

Community Networking groups are forming in an effort to unite our voices and impact real social change. We encourage you to START YOUR OWN GROUP with a FOCUS ON A CAUSE or issue that is dear to your heart. After you get a solid group of 5 - 10 people, REGISTER your March On Colorado Group so that we can support your efforts. 

Community Groups will ideally meet weekly to collaborate and set a path of action for each member of the group. We will then have all the groups meet once monthly to share our progress while collaborating and networking to enact real change and social justice. Please join our Facebook Group to stay informed about these meetings and other community events. 

Our focus will be in the following areas - 

General Legislative Strategies: 
Immediate action: “Blocking from harm” - being on the defense in regard to legislative meddling 

Long-term: Changing the face of the Democratic party - training women and minorities to go into politics

Mid-to-long-term: Researching and suggesting policy alternative to pass ‘upward’ to elected officials

 Very long term: Establishing new entities in which to shop, bank, and seek insurance coverage.  

General Community Strategies:
Immediate action: Connecting volunteers with already established non-profit/community entities who are in need of help. Offer monthly community networking meetings/potlucks. 

Long Term: Empowering young women and girls to be future leaders; especially girls in high risk, low-support situations. Provide resources and a safe space for immigrants, and other folks who are marginalized. 

Mid-to-long-term: Establish various scholarships for students who have proven dedication to social justice and human rights

Very long term: Through education and activism, create a social structure in which people are no longer treated with less dignity because of their ethnicity, gender, religion or any other distinguishing factor. 

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