Frequently Asked Questions

Some FAQ's...
Are men welcome?

Are children welcome?
YES! Remember that every family is different. We encourage you to trust your intuition - if it feels right to bring your child, then do it!!

Are dogs welcome?
Service animals are most definitely welcome and encouraged, but please leave your other pets at home. 

Will bad weather cancel this event?
No way!! It's going to be a beautiful blue sky Colorado day - but do plan on wearing layers and plan on any type of weather.  It IS Colorado. 

Why is it called the Women's March on Denver? Why isn't it a People's March?
This event is indeed for all people. It is called the Women's March on Denver as it is an event organized entirely by women. By women, for women...for EVERYONE who needs to have their voice heard and honored. 

I will be in a wheelchair; will I be able to participate?
YES! In addition, we've added an Alternate March Route of .75 miles and made sure that the park is accessible to all. 

Will there be a interpretation for the hearing impaired?
Yes. Sign language interpretation will be provided by FLOW. 

Will there be seating?
We will have approximately 250 chairs that are reserved on a first come first served basis for those who are hearing impaired, disabled, senior, pregnant or otherwise unable to stand for long periods. We will have volunteers monitor these seats to see that those who really need them are able to use them. You are welcome to bring your own chair. 

How long is the march route?
The march route is 1.3 miles. 

What time does the march start? Where do we meet?
On January 21, 2017, we will begin gathering at 9am at the Voorhies Memorial Pond. The march will begin at 9:30 am. The RALLY in Civic Center Park will begin at 11:15 am. 

Will there be porta potties?
Yes! We will have over 100 porta potties, including handicap accessible. 

Will there be security?
Yes. Denver Police will be present during the march and rally. We will also have civilian and volunteer security / marshals that will all have received training in reporting and de-escalation techniques.  Ultimately, we all have to be vigilant in keeping one another safe and reporting anything of concern. 

Can I bring my backpack?
Yes! Bring your backpack with plenty of water, snacks and cold weather gear. 

Do I have to register?
No - but it would be helpful if you clicked "Going" on our Facebook event page. BUT if you are planning on marching with your organization or a large group of people (50+), please let us know at

Can I bring a sign?
YES! We encourage peaceful, solutions based signs...for more information click HERE

Can my sign have a stick?
Yes. Just be mindful of others. 

How can I help?
For helping the day of the march and rally, SIGN-UP HERE. To sign-up for carpooling or hosting a guest, SIGN-UP HERE. In the meantime, SHARE SHARE SHARE! We still have some volunteer positions open - please email us at with VOLUNTEER in the subject line. 

Will there be speakers? Entertainment?
YES! Please meet our speakers and performers HERE! 

Is this a march or a rally?
It is both...we will march after our opening ceremony and have the rest of the day for speakers and performers, networking and community building.

What are we marching for?
Women and Human Rights...Peace, Love and Understanding, baby! Please read our mission statement

Is this a protest against the incoming administration?
No. We are not protesting. We are communicating! We are sending a very clear message to the incoming administration and letting them know that we are united and will not stand for the denigration of any person's fundamental human rights, and that we will continue to work towards advancing and protecting women's rights. 

Is this in DC or Denver?
Our event is in Denver, Colorado. We were inspired by the march on DC!

Do you have a permit?
We have the permit for the rally at Civic Center Park. We have gotten approval for use of the Greek Amphitheater at Civic Center Park and received approval and permits on the march route. We're all good to go!

Can I set up a booth or a table for my organization during the march?
Our permits will only cover our rally and march. We encourage you to look into your own permits if you wish to conduct any sort of business/networking during the march. We take no responsibility for people choosing to exercise their own first amendment rights. 

Are you working with the National Women's March on Washington?
Yes! We are in association with the National Women's March on Washington and are now considered the official event page for Colorado! 

The event store says it won't ship t-shirts until Feb 1st. Is there another way to get a t-shirt before the event?
Shirts needed to be ordered by 12/28/16 to arrive by the march. You can order shirts online until 1/22/17 - but they will be commemorative at this point, but still vital to our fundraising. Buttons will still arrive before the march if ordered by 1/14/2017.

Will shirts be for sale at the event?
No. We have a first amendment permit which does not allow us to sell anything at the event. 

We rented a charter bus! Where do we get dropped off?
Buses can drop off and pick up at one of our two bus drop-off zones: One on Broadway across from the library, and one on 14th at Bannock.

Where do we park?
We are encouraging everyone to take public transportation or carpool. We cannot provide parking. You can learn more about transportation and parking by clicking here. Colorado Women's College has offered their paid parking lot for march attendees and buses. There will also be space for making signs prior to the march starting at 7am. 

The Chambers Center
for the Advancement of Women
1901 E. Asbury Ave., Ste 390
Denver, CO 80208

Will there be extra bus routes? Have you communicated with RTD?
We are communicating with RTD and doing our best to secure extra routes. 
UPDATE: This comes DIRECTLY from RTD...

With regards to the Women’s March on January 21, we plan to back up the regularly scheduled Flat Iron Flyers (FF1) trips at 6:00a, 6:30a, 7:00a, 7:30a and 8:00a.  Please encourage your group to leave early!!!   Extra FF1s will be staged for afternoon takeaway.



We will not be adding extra busses out of Longmont (Route L).  The first scheduled trip on the L starts too late (10:05a).  If we added earlier trips it would be a regulatory (charter) violation.

Why are you fundraising?
Events such as this come with a lot of expenses. While the city provides us with some police coverage for the march, we must pay for anything beyond fifteen blocks. We also have to pay for permits, porta potties, recycle bins, sound systems, marketing, web hosting, insurance and a slue of other things you would never think of! Any funds left over after all bills have been paid will go to various yet to be determined Colorado Nonprofits that serve women. 

What will happen after the march?
We have built up a fabulous community of people committed to the protection and advancement of human rights. We are already planning collaborative meetings for the weeks following the march. If you are interested in a true grassroots movement, please join our Facebook Group and/or email us at with MOVING FORWARD in the subject line.